Pre-Historic Halftime Highlights from Ames

Iowa State University Goes Big…and Viral…plus Twelve Commandments from Bill Veeck.

Iowa State University turned back the clock, way back with this massive T-Rex dance fest (from Oct 2018).

Great example of going big.  Teams are always looking to make a viral splash and this shows a good example of just crazy enough and big enough to get EVERYONES attention. 50,000 likes (from this one tweet) and millions of views showcased the power of the stunt.

Fun stuff and a reminder to occasionally GO BIG. To quote Bill Veeck:

“When you think you have something really great… add 10% more.”  –  READ more Veeck wisdom below the tweet.

The Twelve Commandments of His Professional Life: 

1) Take your work very seriously. Give your all. Go for broke.

2) Never ever take yourself too seriously! He loved to paraphrase Shakespeare: “What fools we mortals be!”

3) Find your alter ego. A Rudie Schaffer, and bond with him for the rest of your professional life.

4) Surround yourself with similarly dedicated soul-mates of whom you can ask “why?” And “why not?” Naturally, they may ask the same of youNever hire a coat-holder.

5) In your hiring be color-blind, gender-blind, age-and-experience blind. You never worked for Bill Veeck; you worked with him. Everyone was in it together and you were allowed to make a mistake every once in a while.

6) Attend every home game and never leave a game until the last “out.” It’s rude!

7) Answer all of your mail. You may learn something.

8) Listen and be available to your fans-customers. Again, you might learn something.

9) Enjoy and respect media members-the stimulation, the challenge. The “them-against-us” mentality should exist only between the teams on the field.

10) Create an aura in your city of operation, that you’d better be at the ballpark, at the game lest you miss something exciting and unexpected. No offense to radio and television, but at the ballpark you are a participant not just a spectator.

11) If you don’t think a promotion is fun, don’t do it. Don’t ever put on something “for the masses.” Never insult your fans. It was Ed Linn who summed up Bill’s philosophy about “fun at the ole ballpark.” “Every Day a Holiday and Every Fan a King” and-Queen, naturally.

12) Don’t be so concerned with structured “photo ops” to preserve for some future viewing, that you miss the essence of what is happening at the moment. Instead, let things happen. Cherish the moment, commit it to memory. After all, the popular expression, “are we having fun yet?” was not manufactured out of whole cloth.

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