Cleverly Solving the Ponytail Problem

Molson solves a minor PWHL challenge in a major way.

We talked about how clever wins the day as far as making memorable connection.  Here is another sports-related example, and this one is powerful from the PWHL.  While this doesn’t exactly hit with game presentation, its another reminder of the power of CLEVER.

The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) is a professional women’s ice hockey league in North America. It was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing a sustainable and competitive professional league for elite women’s hockey players.


The PWHL was born out of the need for a viable professional league for women’s hockey players after the collapse of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) in May 2019. The demise of the CWHL left a void in the professional landscape for women’s hockey, prompting players, fans, and advocates to seek alternative solutions.

The PWHL aims to provide players with competitive salaries, improved working conditions, and increased visibility for the sport of women’s hockey. It operates as a single-entity league, meaning that the league owns and operates all of its teams, which helps ensure financial stability and centralized management.

The league has faced challenges in its early years, including securing sufficient funding, establishing partnerships, and generating widespread fan interest. However, it continues to work towards its mission of building a sustainable and successful professional league for women’s hockey players.

One minor challenge has ben taken head on by league partner Molson.  The challenge is a small one, but important in building a following.  Many players hair covers their name plate on the back of their jerseys.  Hard to cheer for a player when you can’t recall their name.

Enter Molson.  Part of their partnership with the league includes a jersey patch.  Typically below the number on the jersey, Molson instead offered to swap with the player name, so any hair issues would cover their logo, instead of the players name.

And introduced it with iconic clarity.

We covered out name
so hers could be seen.

Clever and POWERFUL.  Any loss of brand awareness for a covered logo is made up 100 fold in goodwill and the powerful proof that “Molson gets it.”

Clever Connections Are Built to Last

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