Promotions Matter in Reading

The Royals #PaintItPink with a winning formula for all your upcoming promotions.

The Reading Royals SCORE with this promotion effort.

With all the efforts teams put into promotions, its rare to just find an information drop like this one from the Royals.  They lay out all the details in one big post, telling fans that this promotion MATTERS.  The have put time and effort into the details and they want you to know about it.

We LOVE it.

This is a corollary to our Share Your Success mantra.  If a promotion was important and valuable, you should SHARE YOUR SUCCESS and tell fans about it.  Likewise when your upcoming promotions are important and valuable…TELL EVERYONE ALL THE DETAILS.

Those details include:

  • Earmuff giveaways for the ladies
  • I FIGHT FOR Wall to share who you are fighting for
  • An experience for survivors to come to the ice and shoot for charity
  • An auction item (goalie stick), and
  • a custom hashtag to share the excitement of the night with others

Your promotions matter and the details are what fans crave.

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