Pandemic Changes Dance Production Value

The Rams and Texans dancers are adjusting their presentation to the new reality and the entertainment value is going up.

The pandemic is pushing creativity….and it’s awesome.

Check these NFL dance teams who are adjusting their presentation to the new reality.

The NFL limits access to the field on game day, so dancers are no longer performing LIVE for 60,000 fans in the endzone or at the 50 yard line.

Without having to go live the Texans Cheerleaders chose to edit their team into a video production at the 50 yard time, altering camera angle and alignments for a more interesting presentation. Camera ops can get right into the action for close-ups, then disappear for wide shots.  Obviously any missteps can be removed from the final product as well, creating a smooth interesting visual spectacle in a way not possible during a live performance.

The LA Rams Cheer team took it one step further, shooting their number on a professionally lit stage. The team used lighting, multiple camera and editing transitions to create a music video quality showcase.

The limitations of not being able to use the field have been flipped into the benefit of this higher production value video. This is likely to be a change that can remain after the pandemic, since the overall entertainment value is notably higher.

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