Pandemic as a Promo

Three teams show how the pandemic has directed their promotions and premiums, including the @sixers, @memphisredbirds and @trashpandas.

Sign of the times: The Pandemic is at the center of everything, including sports promotions.  Here are three promotions that are directly related to life under COVID.

First the Rocket City Trash Pandas have a celebratory mask, noting their mission to get back to playing games has been accomplished.

Then in Philadelphia the Sixers are giving away 500 tickets for those who get the shot at designated locations.  It’s not as exciting as Ohio residents who have the chance to win $1 million if they are vaccinated, but it’s still fun.

Finally, in Memphis the MILB team has a clear tote promotion. While clear totes were a popular item before, the added steps for fans passing through the gates and being checked by security make this even more practical.


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