Painting the Ice in Kearney

Paint the Ice, build a tradition, support the community and share your success. This USHL teams does it all with one colorful promotion.

While the Kzoo Crew is painting their whole sheet (see yesterday’s Water Cooler) this Nebraska team is inviting fans to paint the ice in remembrance of people who have been strickened by cancer.

KEARNEY, NE. – The Tri-City Storm is set to host the organization’s annual Concrete Cares game on the painted ice tonight at the Viaero Center. Earlier this week, many messages of support and remembrance for family members, friends, and others affected by cancer were painted onto the ice at the Viaero Center.

This is the ninth season that the Storm has hosted a game on the painted ice. The organization’s annual Concrete Cares game is part of Kearney Concrete’s Concrete Cares of Nebraska Initiative. Concrete Cares of Nebraska is a nonprofit group of volunteers in the concrete industry who provide events to help raise money for families and individuals who are stricken by cancer. The Storm will wear specialty jerseys during tonight’s game that will be auctioned off following the matchup. More information about the Concrete Cares initiative can be found at

The messages are left on the sheet for the game so fans can see the messages during the game as well, plus there is an associated jersey auction.

But what we love even more is that the Tri-City Storm SHARED THEIR SUCCESS.  After hosting fans to paint the ice, they made a point to show their successful promotion and let fans know their promotions are not something you’d want to miss.

Great concept, sponsor integration and execution by the Storm, echoing a lot of what we talked about on the January 2023 Party in the Back Podcast, related to sharing your success.

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