Padres Roll Sox Fans

Padres troll Red Sox tradition in classic fashion.

The Padres had a fun twist for their fans when the Red Sox were in town.  Boston famously plays Sweet Caroline (here is the backstory)

According to Boston Pastime, “Sweet Caroline” is played at every Red Sox game before the bottom of the 8th inning. There’s a pretty impressive myth that the song was requested by former Red Sox announcer, Ed Brickley as a tribute to the newborn daughter of Billy Fitzpatrick, a 20-year employee of Fenway Park. While sweet, that’s not the way the story goes.

In reality, “Sweet Caroline” became the unofficial song of the Boston Red Sox because a woman named Amy Toby liked the song, played it during a game, and it stuck.

Toby was put in charge of picking out music to be played at Fenway from 1998 to 2004. She liked the song “Sweet Caroline,” and played it. But it didn’t become synonymous with Fenway right off the bat.

The Boston Globe says that when the song was first played at the park, it was only played during random games, between the middle;e of the 7th and 9th innings and it was only played if the Red Sox were ahead in the game. Toby saw the song as a good luck charm and, in 2002, “Sweet Caroline” became an official Fenway tradition. To this day, the song is played before the bottom of the 8th inning at each home game. (981TheHawk)

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So in late August this year the Padres had the song cued up for any fans who wanted to take part in the Boston-traditon when the Sox came to town. Great video, including the last couple shown in their Red Sox jerseys before the punchline was delivered.  Great audible reaction too from the fans in San Diego.

and if you like the tradition, you will love this.

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