It Was a Very Sad Day for Laker Fans

Pacers win the internet with this viral delight showcasing a pathetically sad Laker fanbase.

The Pacers went viral with this hysterical Snapchat Filter integration during a recent win over the LA Lakers.

Most people are familiar with the Snap filter that makes your face appear to be incredibly sad, regardless of your actual expression. The filter is pure genius, masking faces and applying the most desperate sadness on anyone.

The team used a scoreboard Snap integration to allow all their fan cam shots to add the sad filter.  The Pacers then shot exclusively Laker fans while the Pacers were up and the results were pure magic.

Sobbing, crying and distraught Laker fans were shown to the delight of Pacer Fans….and the results went viral.

Look Mom! I’m on the Jumbotron!

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