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Danville opens first sensory room in the Appalachian League, plus more sensory related notes and links.

Love to see an expansion and investment teams and building are making like this one in Danville.  They are creating a Sensory Room to help fans with sensory issues enjoy a night at the ballpark more.

While some fans look forward to the sights, sounds and smells of being at the ballpark, those who are averse to the traditional hustle and bustle of baseball games will now have the opportunity to cheer on the Otterbots all season long. Located on the concourse in the right field Kids Zone, the Otterbots ballpark sensory room is equipped with cuddle swings, fidget boards, soft LED lights, wall-to-wall padding, uniquely textured rugs, sound-deadening headphones, comfortable chairs, sensory-friendly fidget toys and a blackout curtain. The curtain can be opened to reveal a window overlooking the Kids Zone, so parents can maintain a view of non-sensory averse siblings or friends during their time in the sensory room.

“Since our first day in Danville, our goal has been to build a product and atmosphere that provides entertainment for every single member of our community, and every visitor to Danville and the Southside Virginia region,” said Otterbots general manager Austin Scher. “We took tremendous strides towards reaching that goal in our inaugural season, but we knew we still had work to do. By constructing a sensory room on the concourse, we are now able to provide opportunities for children and families with sensory aversions to enjoy the ballpark and have a space dedicated to ensuring that their enjoyment is comprehensive.”

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We took healthy look at Sensory Nights recently on the Party in the Back Podcast, talking with Adam Goldberg, Kristin Thompson and Kulture City’s Sean Culkin on the topic.

Sean shares the work Kulture City is doing to create understanding and develop tools like Sensory Bags and Sensory Rooms. Maine Mariners’ Adam Goldberg and Roadrunners’ Kristin Thompson discuss their in-game accommodations. (see link below)


March 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

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