Orchestral Grit

Gritty rides a wave of confidence with a musical zoom edit.

Gritty just keeps on gritting away.

Mascot performance (much like everything else in life) is about confidence. When a skit fails or the fun isn’t flowing it’s hard to get back on track.  When the feedback is strong, the bits are working and you feel like you can take on anything that is the time to just pound out the content.  That confidence will push you to take chances and ride the wave of confidence.

Here is a fun use of Gritty’s talent on a Zoom-Style edit with the Philadelphia Orchestra to set the game day tone. Plus is our value-added membership site. It is a network to enhance the fan value of events.  Twice a month we gather for an hour long discussion on an industry topic with a special guest to share their insights. Leaders like Claire Czerniuk, Zoltan Berensci, John Franzone, Tyler Ferraro, Maurice Brazelton, Jackie Maldonado, Todd Bosma, and Anton Wright have discussed topics from developing talent to building a home-field advantage. Upcoming calls include Zach Frongillo from the Savannah Bananas (7/27) and Colleen Flynn from Mascot-Link (7/13).  Free One Month Trial is available now on PLUS.

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