Nothing Says October like a Beer Stein

Tulsa builds on tradition with giveaways geared for October tailgating.

Timing is everything.

Nothing says October (or Oktober) like a frosted stein ready for an ice-cold beer.

The University of Tulsa fans are wrapping their hands around this giveaway this week along with the promise of open tailgating.

Tailgating is big in Tulsa, led by the football crowds.

The atmosphere here at Tulsa is unforgettable. The whole town is up early and already celebrating and getting ready for the game. All throughout the area surrounding H.A. Chapman Stadium you’ll find tents and grills, as everyone prepares to cheer on the Golden Hurricane.

You’ll find a wide variety of different foods when tailgating at Tulsa. Many of the more dedicated tailgaters at Tulsa prepare theme foods that vary by game and often are chosen based on the opponent. The cuisine ranges from Cajun to chili to barbecue. If you’re less adventurous, you’ll be able to find plenty of old standbys such as burgers and hot dogs.

Tulsa also offers fans plenty of other game day activities besides just the traditional eating, drinking, and carousing of a tailgate. At Hurricane Alley, you’ll find a wide variety of activities for the whole family including inflatables and live music.  (SuperTailgate)

The Athletic Department even runs a whole program around the tradition (details here).


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