Oilers Cam is EXACTLY On Point

Oilers NAIL a cam with perfect time and a sneaky celebrity cameo that you won’t want to miss.

Finding exactly the right use for a celebrity can be tricky.  To build their trust you have to be able to show you will make them look like star, you can’t lose sight of the fact they probably are at the game to enjoy themselves (and not work) and you want find something fresh and interesting for your show.

So the Edmonton Oilers started where we all do, looking for a place to fit in a celebrity (planned or just spotted in the crowd).  Here the Oilers turned the moment into memorable magic during a Separated at Both Cam.

Take a look…

First of all , this wasn’t a throw away moment for the Cam without the big spot at the end.  Their Mr Clean, Dukes of Hazard, and Santa Claus hits were totally on point drawing big laughs from the fans.

Also the whole piece told the story, let the audience breath, reflect and react.  Listen to the crazy reaction to the “look-a-like” of Steve Urkel….then the even bigger POP for the reveal that it was actually the actor Jaleel White.  They let the moment happen.  Baited the hook, let the audience take the bait and the set the hoo.

Perfect execution from the Oilers and a big Celebrity win.


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