Great Use of a Kevin

A celebrity at the game can always pop the crowd, but finding a clever use for them is the real winner.

Having a celebrity in the crowd is always a gift. Even B-list celebrities can make your game seem like a happening the same way Jack Nicholson makes Laker games feel.

A simple camera shot and graphic welcoming them to the game can pop any crowd.

Finding a clever (and agreeable) use of a celebrity takes things up a notch even more. Here the Tigers found a way to use The Office actor Brian Baumgartner in an epic contest to name the most Office characters.

@cbssportsHe really is a legend for this 🤣 #theoffice #theofficetiktok #foryoupage #kevin #fyp #xyzbca #foryou♬ original sound – CBS Sports

Here are some more celebrity uses from around sports:

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