October 2023 Party in the Back Podcasts

Red Wings GM Dan Mason talks about the team’s outstanding Deaf Culture Night, plus Simon Sez Impresario Steve Max quickly eliminates Host Jon Cudo on the October edition of the podcast.

Jon Cudo is joined by Rochester Red Wings General Manager Dan Mason to talk about the team’s signature Deaf Culture Night. Details on why the team puts so much into the affair, what makes it shine and more from their 2023 effort.

Then Simon Sez savant Steve Max shares insight into his long and successful journey as one of the top touring halftime acts in sports.  

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The Party in the Back Podcast:  If Sports Marketing was a mullet hairdo this podcast covers ‘The Party in the Back‘. We’ll let someone else do the data, analytics, spreadsheets and budgets… We’re talking about the FUN: In-game contests, theme nights, mascots, dancers, social media, atmosphere and giveaways. Join us at the Party in the Back for our monthly discussion with industry leaders on the fun side of Sports Marketing.

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