November 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

A special edition of the podcast with guest Jon Long from the Newfoundland Growlers. Jon talks about the tragic loss of mascot performer Chris Abbott who passed away after over 27 years performing at Buddy the Puffin. We discuss how the team and community is moving forward in the wake of the loss. Plus Ben Hill on the year in Minor League Baseball.

This month we offer a special edition of the podcast with guest Jon Long.  Jon is the Director of Game Presentation for the Newfoundland Growlers. In January 2022 the Growlers mascot performer Chris Abbott passed away after over 27 years performing at Buddy the Puffin.  In the wake of his death the team, community and staff has had to grieve and process the loss, while trying to find a path forward.

The ability to put a smile on the face of a 6 year old or a 60 year old was what got him out of bed every morning.

Jon shares his memories of “Abbo”, the impact of Buddy and how the team has move forward after the loss.

Plus Ben Hill talks about the highlights of 2022 in Minor League Baseball leading into the Best of 2022 Awards on  We look at some possible award nominees and how to nominate your favorites this year.

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