No Music, No Problem for Houston Crowd

A wrestling stipulation leads to a magic moment for fans.

Sometimes it takes a crowd to make your show magic.

Take this example from the AEW Wrestling Promotion.

It was stipulated Chris Jericho would not be allowed to use his entrance music. These signature songs cue the audience reaction to wresting characters being introduced. While the performer is stripped of his trademark song, the fans also lose out on the chance to react.

Or do they?

In this memorable clip the fans in Houston take over the show, somehow coming together to sing the song without accompaniment. The moment is sheer magic for the fans, and they know it. As the camera pans the audience EVERY fan is engaged and living the thrill of becoming a bigger part of the show.

Perhaps best of all is the reaction of veteran Chris Jericho who simply can’t hide his joy and appreciation for the moment.

I look forward to their next show to see if the new audience picks up what Houston dropped down.  Was this a one off, or an unlikely tradition created by fans?

This isn’t the first time fans singing together has created a moment (Anthem as One) and it won’t be the last.

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