Letting Birds Be Birds in the NHL

Let Birds be Birds. We look at some fun content from some NHL mascots and the simple pleasures found in just being your character.

On a recent Huddle Call we had 90 years of Mascot Experience talking about performing in character and writing better skits.

Part of that process includes diving into your character to think about how it would react. If you are a dog….are you acting and reacting like a dog.

Here is a fun social media content piece built completely on that premise.  A bunch of birds, acting like a bunch of birds.

Keep it simple.

You can catch our whole discussion from this Huddle Call with Scott Hesington, Rob Wicall, Nick Farmer and Jon Cudo on the Recap: Mascot Mousetrap.

We spent this huddle looking to take skit ideas and grow them from “there is something there” to “SOMETHING useable” and better yet into “SOMETHING GREAT”.

Hesington, Wicall, Farmer and Cudo are the panel each using a different technique to try to elevate the ideas.

Recap: Mascot Mousetrap

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