College Mascot Nuptials

We take a look at several college mascot pairings, some who are even married.

With NC State dropping in the Final Four this weekend, I wanted to take a look this historical fun fact.

The NC State Mascots are married. 

Here’s more:

Mascots are essential to sports, particularly college sports, where they can become as popular as the team. Some schools even have two mascots, a male and a female representative. However, NC State is different. They have two mascots, and they are married. That’s right. They’re married.

So, how on earth does this happen?

Let’s go back to halftime of a men’s basketball game in Reynolds Coliseum in 1981. NC State was playing Wake Forest, and nearly 12,000 people were in the building. University Chancellor Joab L. Thomas walked Mrs. Wuf down to center court to meet Mr. Wuf. (from


That Time NCState’s mascots, Mr. and Ms. Wuf, were married by WakeForestUniversity’s mascot, the Demon Deacon 💍🐺 #northcarolinakerry #nckerry #northcarolina #nctiktok #northcarolinatiktok #nc #nclife #ncstate #mrwuf #mswuf #demondeacons #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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This is a bit unusual, as most mascot pairs are just friends or relatives, like the UCLA Bruins.

A costumed mascot by the name of Joe Bruin was introduced in 1963. In 1967, the first female student to take the mascot role created Josephine “Josie” Bruin and joined Joe at athletic events. (wikipedia)

The list of colleges with multiple mascots isn’t long and typically includes a live mascot and a costumed version.  Credit to Matt Weisinger on Quora for this list.

United States Military Academy (Army)

  • General Scott, Raider, & Ranger II (three live mules)

Raider (mule)

Colorado School of Mines

  • Marvin the Miner (costumed mascot)
  • Blaster the Burro (live mule)

University of Kentucky

  • The Wildcat (costumed mascot)
  • Scratch (costumed mascot; popular with children)
  • Blue (live bobcat; does not attend games because of shy nature)

University of La Verne

  • Leo & Lea Leopard (two costumed mascots)

University of North Alabama

  • Leo & Una (two live lions)

University of Oklahoma

  • Sooner Schooner (scale replica of a Conestoga wagon; driven by the RUF/NEKS)
  • Boomer & Sooner (two white ponies that pull the Sooner Schooner; there is both a live pony and costumed mascot)

Animals: Working for a living!

Texas Southern University

  • Kid & Play (two costumed tiger mascots)

Truman State University

  • Spike & Simone (two costumed bulldog mascots)

Western Illinois University

  • Rocky (costumed bulldog mascot)
  • Colonel Rock (live bulldog)

Colonel Rock III's 7th Birthday at WIU Night at the Peoria Rivermen - Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs vs. Peoria Rivermen Pregame Social and Hockey Game, 3/3/17

Xavier University

  • D’Artagnan (captain of the Musketeers of the Guard)
  • The Blue Blob (blue fuzzy costumed mascot; popular with children)

Youngstown State University

  • Pete & Penny (two emperor penguins dressed in scarfs and stocking caps)

Rachel Rhoads

In our exhaustive research we also found that Youngstown State mascots Pete and Penny are also married according to legal documents obtained by

The relationship between Truman State’s Spike & Simone and University of Northern Alabama’s Leo & Lea Leopard is unclear.

We note these relationships, since they hold potential subplots or halftimes like the memorable NC State wedding.

Also, because it’s kinda funny.

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