The Dress Code and Seating Chart have been Updated

AHL team dials up the connection between fans and players and then this NHL team refines it even more. Dress for Success in this fashion-forward Water Cooler post.

It’s time to level up your fans.

First, tell them what to wear.  Here’s an example from the AHL Cleveland Monsters.

✅ Builds Community
✅ United fans and players
✅ Encourages fans to buy more merch!

Of course this also helps flag the popular custom sweater nights too….all the while giving fans ANOTHER calendar of events to remind them of the schedule.

Wins all around.

See below for the next level….


Now check this out from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Its not enough to wear the colors… the Bengals asked fans in various sections to dress the part.


Your results may vary….


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