A Whole Lot of Mikes in Calgary

Calgary steps up with a full section of Mike’s to honor their Hall of Famer in this big activation from the Flames.

We knew they were up to something…

Last night the Flames hosted a section full of Mike’s to celebrate Mike Vernon’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

You may have noticed the advertisements calling all Mikes around the city as of late in anticipation of tonight’s Calgary Flames game, but had little idea as to why.

As it turns out, this was an intentionally mysterious ad put together by the Flames and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for tonight’s game against the Dallas Stars, one being dubbed the “I Am Mike” event.

Daily Hive was able to reach out and chat with Mike’s Hard Lemonade about the event, and learned that it is aiming to have Section 105 at the Saddledome, Mike’s Cheering Section, filled with individuals named Michael, Michelle, Miguel, Mick, etc. All these lucky selected individuals will not only get to watch the game but will have the opportunity to meet Mike Vernon in person.

Vernon will be inducted alongside other legends of the game, including Pierre Turgeon, Ken Hitchcock, Henrik Lundqvist, Pierre Lacroix, Carolina Ouellette, and Tom Barrasso. (

See a full video of the activation from the Flames here.

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