LeMemes in DC

Pre-game meme hunting with GWiz.

Funny mascot content from G-Wiz in DC.  Playing off the LeBron Lying meme, which is:

LeBron Lying, also known as LeBron James Lying or LeBron James Predicted X, is a series of videos, and other evidence, levied in a Twitter thread that purportedly showed NBA player LeBron James blatantly telling lies at press conferences and in interviews, often claiming that he predicted or had “gut feelings” about events with hyperbolic accuracy. The concept of LeBron James being a pathological liar trended in memes on TikTok, Twitter and elsewhere in November 2022, however, the practice of documenting James’ habit of lying started as early as 2016.

Simple and fun, and it even got a laugh out of King James along the way.

Well played.

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