Media Day Cuts in Buffalo

The Sabres start our week-long look at how teams are using Media Day to build content for their in-game presentation.

With the many leagues kicking off their seasons with Media Day, we are spending this week looking at how teams are using media day to create in-game content for the season.

Media Days has become an important day for game presentation staffs to interact and record player videos, prompts and vignettes that are played all season long. This content can engage fans, enhance team brands, entertain and showcase player personality.

These days have now become critical for game presentation teams to create content to be used all season long.

Are two examples from the Buffalo sabers. First they use the Kindergartenesque Welcome-Back-to-School style cards for player personality. Humanizing and adding personality to the players to help connect and bond them with fans.

And the real fun starts. The team plays “What’s in the Box?” where random items are hidden inside a box and players have to reach in and figure out what is in the box.  With the prop edits these are instant classics both on the videoboard and on social media.

Tomorrow we will check in to see how the Anaheim Ducks are getting crafty on Media Day.

Media Day Week-in-Review Highlights

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