May 2024 Party in the Back Podcast’s Ben Hill and Author Rob Wicall join host Jon Cudo for the May 2024 Podcast. Public Domain Night, World Mascot Hugging Records and Cleveland’s Balloon Fest highlight Ben’s look at the most anticipated promotions of 2024. Then Wicall helps break down a new mascot trend and why it can be so impactful.

This month we party with two podcast regulars, Ben Hill from and Best-Selling Author of Furlosophy Rob Wicall.

Ben previews his three most anticipated minor league baseball promotions of 2024, including Public Domain Night from the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.  This team has an established track record of creating the most interesting and clever promotions, like this playful poke at licensing rights.  They use Steamboat Willie and King Kong (intellectual property now in the public domain) and will probably use Happy Birthday in there somewhere too.  That promotion is coming May 19th in Jacksonville.

Ben also talks about his newfound appreciation for Touch a Truck and Bluey appearances at ballparks.


Then host Jon Cudo dials up former mascot and Author Rob Wicall to talk about a new trend for mascots and its value for teams, performer and fans.  Hear what Gritty, Benny and Tommy Hawk have leaned into recently and how it can help your mascot and your show.  Plus tips for mascots on how to ask your team when building new initiatives.

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