May 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

We talk about the industry-changing Calhoun Shot on its 30th anniversary with Todd Overton, then feel the love, energy and fun of Cameron Hughes.

This month’s Party in the Back Podcast features a conversation about the Calhoun Shot, an industry-altering event 30 years ago in Chicago.  Todd Overton from Fugu Prize Indemnity joins to talk about the shot that changed the industry and its quirky backstory.


Don Calhoun made a three-quarter court shot for $1 million on April 13, 1983 in Chicago❗️h/t @espn

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Overton looks at its effects, lessons we can and the important question of whether or not our Host is eligible for the contest.  Plus Todd plays Real or Fake.

Then Canadian National Treasure and touring act Cameron Hughes joins the party. Cameron and Cudo talk about FOUR ways your can improve your creative efforts by looking at other ideas. It is the impetus for our Giveaway Page and the Water Cooler, which adds a huge library of ideas from around sports to inspire your next idea, let you learn from others and see how you stack up against your peers.

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FUGU Prize Indemnity removes the risk from large scale promotional events and sales promotions. This allows you to create a bigger and more compelling campaign, without exposing your bottom line. 

Connect with Todd and Fugu here, email or call 817-527-1801

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The Party in the Back Podcast:  If Sports Marketing was a mullet hairdo this podcast covers ‘The Party in the Back‘. We’ll let someone else do the data, analytics, spreadsheets and budgets… We’re talking about the FUN: In-game contests, theme nights, mascots, dancers, social media, atmosphere and giveaways. Join us at the Party in the Back for our monthly discussion with industry leaders on the fun side of Sports Marketing.

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