May 2016 Podcast

5th Anniversary Podcast with David Raymond, Ben Hill, Dustin Morse and Brian Clapp. Topics include Prince, Benny the Bull, SA Spurs and Crazy Hot Dog Vendors.

We roll out our 5th Anniversary Edition of the Podcast with a huge line-up of guests.  Ben Hill is back with more promotions and sass from the world of Minor League Baseball.  Dustin Morse from the Minnesota Twins joins us to talk about how the Twins paid tribute to local icon and global superstar Prince.

We dig into your sports career and how you can learn from a successful sports franchise like the San Antonio Spurs to lift your career.  Finally we are joined by David Raymond to unveil the new search for the next Benny the Bull in Chicago.

We hope you enjoy the great insights and discussion from the guests and we thank you for listening.

If you like David Raymond in this Podcast, please check out last months (April 2016) Podcast where David shares a handful of classic stories as well as some really helpful insight on how to apply and audition for mascot jobs.

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Show Notes and Mentions

  • Dustin Morse Minnesota Twins
  • Brian Clapp –
  • David Raymond – Raymond Entertainment
  • Ben Hill –
  • Toledo Mudhens
  • Frisco Rough Riders
  • Reading Fightin’s
  • Crazy Hot Dog Vendor
  • Prince
  • San Antonio Spurs

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