Coal for Bills and Ranger Fans in Chicago

Chicagoland mascots were in a holiday mood this month.

Fun Christmas Skit from Tommy Hawk, giving a little coal to a Rangers fan for the holidays.

While a lot of mascot comedy is pie-in-your-face mockery, it feels good to keep it simple and just let opposing fans know they are probably on the naughty list.

Our Blackhawks insider reported this was a hybrid Rangers fan/plant.  She was friends with a Hawks Staffer, but not hired for the role (and she dressed like that for the game).  The mascot team explained the bit and coached her to make sure she took the coal out of the box so people could see it.

And if imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, here is Staley flattering his friend Tommy, ha.

Mascot skits are meant to be shared, right?


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