#TBT – Mascot Auditions in MSP

Throwback 35 years to a mascot audition in Minnesota, with a couple audition best practices that can help you find the right performer.

It’s Throwback Thursday and I have one from the wayback machine.

This is a story on a local Minneapolis TV covering the audition for the original Crunch mascot.  Of course, near and dear to me because I was IN that audition.

Aside from the crazy hair-dos what’s really fun is the format of the Mascot Audition.

Couple things to look for:

First, the event is LIVE in front of an audience.  To really see if a performer can work a crowd, it’s best to put them in front of a crowd.  Many mascot auditions are private and its hard to see if a performer has the critical skill of INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE.  The live crowd really allows you to see who can connect and they energy they can create.

Second, there are three special guests: Big Shot (Sixers Mascot), The Coyote (San Antonio Spurs) and The Gorilla (Phoenix Suns).  These professionals set the tone for the event and provided some context for what professional mascots would do.  Remember this was in 1989 when the NBA had about a dozen mascots and it was more likely your favorite team didn’t have a mascot than had one.  These pros entertained the live crowd something and insured this live event would be a fun hour for the audience.

Meanwhile enjoy this throwback and the smooth dance moves of that large bovine character.

PLUS check out the July 2023 Party in the Back Podcast next week when Rob Wicall and I dissect this audition and talk about some best practices for auditioning mascots and entertainers.  We look at the most important structures for these auditions that will help you find the best people for the role.

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