Mariners Anthem Singer is a Draw

Mariners tap local celebrity voice for anthem and use it to highlight upcoming game.

Anthem singers often audition for the spot or groups buy tickets to earn the spot to sing.

In a few cases the singers are notable enough they used to help promote the game and generate interest, like this one from the Maine Mariners.

The ECHL team will host Todd Angilly who is know as the Boston Bruins Anthem singer, a role he started in 2019.

BOSTON – The Boston Bruins announced today that Todd Angilly will become the official anthem singer of the team, becoming the first to hold the title since the retirement of Garden legend, Rene Rancourt, at the conclusion of the 2017-18 season. In this role, Todd will perform approximately 80% of the Boston Bruins regular season home games. The remaining games will rotate between various singers.

Angilly is a Warwick, Rhode Island native who currently resides in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He is a probation officer by day, and during the Bruins and Celtics seasons, he is a bartender at the SportsDeck, located on level 5 of TD Garden. The 44-year-old is trained as an opera singer from his time at the New England Conservatory, and has performed for all five Boston professional sports teams.

Great use of talent and interesting game night feature from the Mariners.

PULSE: National Anthem

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