Louie Also Interested in Your Mom

St. Louis Blues’ mascot Louie is also interested in meeting your Mother. It’s getting weird.

Another mascot wants to meet your Mom, maybe bring her some flowers.  Might sound weird, but its a growing trend.

Mascot Deliveries are bigger than ever and we take a special look at it this month on Gameops.com.

First we took the Pulse around sports at Mascot Deliveries, including tips from the best mascot programs. Take a look here:  PULSE: Mascot Deliveries

Then Colleen Flynn joined the Party in the Back podcast to talk about Boxxed Up, a new business with tools for mascot deliveries, appearance and more.  This site will help route your big delivery day and take seamless payments too.  You can hear it all here: May 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

Before you do that….make sure you got something nice for your mom.  Like flowers delivered from a giant fur creature.

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