Lost Fan in Edmonton

Oilers present a playful way to build fan loyalty, promote the team shop and create scoreboard content….all at once.

The Oilers have made their team shop sales pitch a lot more fun with the use of this LOST FAN CAM.

Instead of a static message, sales video or their host modeling the Item of the Game, the Oilers served up a LOST FAN Cam.  This guy was sporting a Calgary Flames sweater, even though the Flames were not in the building.

The Oilers put him up on the board to have some fun with him, then had their mascot Hunter deliver a fresh new Oilers alternate jersey to swap out with his Flames gear.

Really fun way to showcase your Item of the Cam, support fan loyalty and have some playful fun with a fan.  It was refreshing to see an opposing team fan be treated with some playful fun rather than a cake in the face.  It is an inviting way to initiate fan loyalty.

Well played Oilers.

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