Local Flavor Dollar Dogs in Toronto

Is that low price baseball fare made from loon meat? Eww.

Got a laugh out of the Blue Jays promotion before I realized that Dollar Dogs aren’t as fun when you can call them Loonie Dogs based on the dollar coin in Canada.

The loonie, formally the Canadian one-dollar coin, is a gold-colored coin that was introduced in 1987 and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint at its facility in Winnipeg. The most prevalent versions of the coin show a common loon, a bird found throughout Canada, on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II, the nation’s head of state, on the obverse. Various commemorative and specimen-set editions of the coin with special designs replacing the loon on the reverse have been minted over the years. (from Wikipedia)

So its the same questionable hot dog at roughly the same price, but the name is much more fun.  Hopefully tourists don’t think hot dogs made inexpensively from Loon meat is a thing.  There are six such Loonie Dog Days planned.

The Blue Jays Launched their promotional calendar yesterday.  See it here.


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