Live Racing Takes a Sloppy Turn

NHL adds some local flavor and live racing to its outdoor Winter Classic.

Since 2008 the NHL has staged an outdoor game as part of a New Years Tradition. The concept stemmed from the success of the Michigan State’s College “Color War” in 2001.

The NHL Winter Classic is one of three series of regular season outdoor games played in the National Hockey League (NHL), and is distinct from the league’s other two series, the NHL Heritage Classic and the NHL Stadium Series. The Winter Classic is annually held on or around New Year’s Day, generally in a football or baseball stadium, in an area with a resident NHL team. The first Winter Classic was held in 2008 at the venue then known as Ralph Wilson Stadium (now New Era Field) in Orchard Park, New York, between the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins. A total of eleven have been held. The most recent game was played during the 2019–20 NHL season at Cotton Bowl, with the Dallas Stars defeating the Nashville Predators 4–2. (wikipedia)

This year the game was played in Texas at the Cotton Bowl. The event directors found a way to turn some heads past the fact they made ice outdoors in Texas with a Live Race featuring pigs. Sounds like this is a real thing in Texas and, when in Rhome of course you find ways to connect with the local audience.

Here at we have long appreciated Live Racing and this is just another great example of live racing and connecting with the local flavor.

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