Brewers Strike Gold with Scoreboard Message

Mark may have been destroyed, but he leaves a huge creative opportunity for the rest of us.

The Brewers found some comedy gold this week.  While one guy’s world might not feel so bright, it sparked an interesting series of events.

Here’s how it started.

It should be noted that Scoreboard messages at American Family Field are sold by the Brewers Community Foundation for $100, so this harsh message cost more than Mark’s heart.

Mark wasn’t taking the clues one-on-one (or Mark’s date jumped right to broadcasting the hints on a 90 foot scoreboard).  Either way, Mark was sent the message that the friendship goals were more important to his date than any romantic twists.

Poor Mark.  Thankfully his last name was withheld or we may have never heard from him again.

But this heartless message shown to the masses was jus the start.

Left fielder Christian Yelich felt the pain and tweeted out the team’s support for Mark. So if Mark was stuck in the friend zone, at least he knew the entire Brewers roster was going be there for him.

We may never hear from Mark again, but we wish him well.

This should however spark a run of interesting copycat scoreboard messages from creative teams everywhere.

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