Fan Vote in Kzoo

Two Days of voting: Today the Kalamazoo Wings take a sweater tally. Yesterday the Firebirds counted the fan votes for their Fan’s Choice Night.


Two days in a row of fan voting (from Michigan hockey teams no less).

Here the Wings ask fans to vote on which Marvel Character the team will skate as for their Marvel night this season.

In the Water Cooler post How Voting Helps More Than The Results, we looked at how engaging fans with votes has the dual benefit of understanding what fans want AND creating a vested interest in the results (an automatic audience for your winning ideas).  Yesterday and today we take note of teams using this technique to engage with fans with a fan vote.

Excellent work by both the Wings and the Firebirds.


  • A Win for Local Designers, Fans and Team – The Jumbo Shrimp WIN big with this design contest and t-shirt giveaway. See how they pull fans in and everyone is a winner.
  • How Voting Helps More Than The Results – Hockey’s Wichita Thunder are looping in fans on their Star Wars Night early with an on-line fan vote.  This smart tool helps in a lot of ways beyond the data collection (names, emails, phone)…read more.
  • Saints Bobbing for Votes – The Saints have no issues with a rigged election, voter fraud or vote-by-mail with their new Bobblehead Election. Vote early, vote often.
  • VOTE – Teams use spreading the word to vote with a wide cast of in-game entertainers.
  • Ice Men Cometh and Voteth – Jax Icemen aid the county by encouraging poll volunteers with unique in-game experience packages.

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