Team Shows Its True Colors on Pride Night

It’s much more than a colorful sheet of ice in Kalamazoo, as the team shows its true colors in support of Pride Night.

Ice is a selling point for the Kalamazoo Wings, and it has been years.  Now its a standard highlight of their promotional calendar.

For the 3rd straight year the team is painting the ice with a rainbow to celebrate Pride Night.

It bears note that the team has taken pride in their Pride efforts, including standing up to one fan’s effort to bully the team over their support.

Numerous minor league teams hold Pride Nights. Last week, hockey’s Kalamazoo Wings looked decidedly big league when they commemorated it by standing up for our community.

Straight out of the LGBTQ celebration playbook, the ECHL’s Wings commemorated their 2023 Pride Night by decking their logo out in rainbow colors on social media. As is unfortunately too often the case, they received some angry responses from a few trolls.

One Twitter user in particular decided to play the, “If you’re going to support human rights, I’ll have to take my business elsewhere” card, threatening the Wings that, “As long as you have this as your logo, you won’t be seeing my family at your games.”

He added the hashtag “#CarefulWithYourMktng,” apparently based on the old business school adage: “The customer is always right (as long as he’s a straight dude).”

Pretty much every team is familiar with this online phenomenon and most operate on a “don’t feed the trolls” policy. But the Wings decided that a better course of action would be to show their LGBTQ fans that they unequivocally support them.

Great to see the team’s support runs deeper than the sheet of ice.

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