Appreciation of the Krazy

Still Krazy.

Any post that just appreciates Krazy George is good with us.

KRAZY GEORGE – INVENTOR OF THE WAVE: The man who made the whole world stand up and cheer. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. He got his start in San Jose and still frequents the Earthquakes turning fans into fanatics with his antics. Here is hoping his wave of popularity never stops.

  • Krazy George – A light-hearted interview with George Henderson aka Krazy George, the world’s most famous professional cheerleader. He’s the man who made the whole world stand up and cheer by creating The Wave.
  • A Wave of Controversy – In the world of sports, it’s kind of like wondering how the Pyramids were built, or who created Stonehenge. It’s just one of those elusive mysteries. Or is it?
  • Respecting Tradition in San Jose – Similar post from 2020 Quakes social media.
  • Krazy George Website

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