Kraken Drops in Seattle

Seattle unleashes the Kraken and takes on Happy Creative Warrior Jonny Greco all in one giant week.

Welcome Kraken.

Great roll out from the NHL’s newest team, and I love the early attention to social media. Teams with some personality and bite are always winners. (hear our interview with Yard Goats Michael Abramson for more).  In the Kraken bio it notes: “Now that we have a name, we’re strategizing all the ways to draft your favorite player.”

The Kraken were not done after they named the franchise, they also plucked Game Operations savant Jonny Greco from New York to lead their game presentation efforts. (see more below)

Jonny Greco led the ground-breaking efforts in Las Vegas when the Golden Knights launched, including their buzz-worthy pre-game introductions.

Greco plans to be out in the community: “We plan to listen to fans. There’s a big difference between listening to and hearing from fans. We want to learn about the city and Pacific Northwest. We will meet with other Seattle teams that have created amazing and lasting traditions. We plan to get out to study the culture and all the places that are touristy and not.” (team release)

Jonny Greco also worked with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Cavaliers, WWE Live Events and Madison Square Garden before he was taken on by the Seattles NHL franchise. Joining Greco on the game presentation staff is the highly-regarded Lamont Buford. Buford comes by way of the Arizona Coyotes, St. Louis Blues and Hershey Bears.

Greco has been a repeat guest on the Party in the Back Podcast on  You can hear his insights and energy here:

  • August 2016 Podcast – The August Podcast with Jonny Greco and Cameron Hughes. We talk Cams..Kiss Cam, Dance Cam and more. Then these sunny adversaries go toe-to-toe in a battle of positivity.
  • August 2019 Party in the Back Podcast – Vegas Golden Knights VP of Entertainment Production Jonny Greco joins the pod to talk Storytelling and the Four E’s of Event Entertainment.
  • Interviewed in our epic article Look Mom! I’m on the Jumbotron!
  • Also inspired the book review Creativity Inc.: Jonny Greco gifted this book to the original eight staffers at the Vegas Golden Knights, which helped to build their award winning culture of storytelling.

Congrats to the Seattle Kraken and Jonny Greco, I can’t wait to see the happy creating you inspire in Seattle.

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