June 2018 Podcast

Matt Coy shares how to engage fans on your videoboard, David Raymond talks about the current state of mascoting, Marc Taylor and Cudo reflect on the life of former NBA mascot Sadiki Fuller plus Cameron Hughes.

Matt Coy from Game Changer MVP shares new tools to engage your fan on the video board, Mark Cuban’s call to tell fans to put down their phones and more.  Legendary mascot David Raymond shares news about the Clippers Mascot position and we talk about the current state of mascotting.

I think the reason skits are out is people have lost the process on how to do it…
David Raymond

Then Marc Taylor joins Cudo to reflect on the life of former Golden State Warriors mascots Sadiki Fuller who passed away in May.

Finally crazed lunatic/In-Game Touring Act Cameron Hughes gets a word in on the new-look Gameops.com.  

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  • 2:15 Cameron Hughes joins and gets the bad news about being bumped. Gives Matt Coy props and talks about the site update.
  • 5:30 Matt Coy joins the podcast from GameChanger MVP.
  • 9:10 Talk about the Fan Filter scoreboard element similar to Snapchat facial recognition filters.
  • 14:15 Use of the filters by the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
  • 16:15 Consider Mark Cuban’s comments on cell phone use to the use of these filters. How you can integrate phones into your show without losing your audience.
  • 20:45 Where to find them and see their games. gamechangeMVP.com, including both teams in the East Finals of the Stanley Cup and the Vegas Golden Knights.
  • 22:00 More Cameron, including the Gameops.com member wall explained. Membership is free, sign up is easy.
  • 23:30 David Raymond joins.
  • 24:15 Clipper mascot job search explained.
  • 25:00 Clippers adding a dunk team as well
  • 26:00 New wave of adding more performers for their mascot performers, and how teams need to hire the right overlapping skill sets.
  • 31:00 What are the Clippers looking for?
  • 34:45 SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for your mascot program
  • 37:15 The secret value of cleaning out your prop closet.
  • 39:30 Is the art of writing a skit dead?
  • 41:30 Skits vs Set-ups
  • 44:15 What makes Bob Woolf so special and why you can’t just assume all gymnasts will be great mascots.
  • 47:00 Looking at what you have when you remove a candidates best asset when hiring.
  • 50:00 David talks about his TED Talk experience
  • 54:30 Cameron and Cudo talk about the Water Cooler feature
  • 55:30 Jon Cudo and Marc Taylor reflect on the life of Sadiki Fuller who was the mascot performer for the Golden State Warriors. Sadiki passed away unexpectedly in May.  Stories include backflips at a Craps table, the value of reading, his passion and energy.

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