January 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

Host Jon Cudo is joined by Tyler Scheuer star of Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act, Emperor of Fun David Raymond and Game Presentation wiz Amanda Greco. It’s a balanced discussion about touring acts, whether mascots should wear masks, Joe Biden’s hair and playing Simon Sez via Zoom. In other words, it is a Party you won’t want to miss.

We start 2021 with a bang including three great guest for a Party in the Back.  mazing Balancing Act. Tyler talks about his start, how many thing he has dropped (he keep count), the dangers of prosthetic legs and how his show will look different post-pandemic.

Next we party with the Emperor of Fun David Raymond. David explains what happens when Delaware’s two most famous residents meet and how to get into the Mascot Hall of Fame (or at least near it). But the important part of the interview was the question of whether or not your mascot should be wearing a mask while performing.  His answer might surprise you, but it will certainly make you think more about how your character is presented during the pandemic.

Finally, everyones favorite chick from Seattle (this is how Amanda Greco has demanded we introduce her) joins the Party. Amanda is an expert in Game Presentation and she drops some wisdom on how to present you host in-game, especially in regards to wearing a mask. We introduce a new segment called “What Did We Miss?” and discuss the value in alternate ways to present a pandemic safe Teddy Bear Toss.

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The Party in the Back Podcast:  If Sports Marketing was a mullet hairdo this podcast covers ‘The Party in the Back‘. We’ll let someone else do the data, analytics, spreadsheets and budgets… We’re talking about the FUN: In-game contests, theme nights, mascots, dancers, social media, atmosphere and giveaways. Join us at the Party in the Back for our monthly discussion with industry leaders on the fun side of Sports Marketing.

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