But Will Anyone Stay for Fireworks?

With the team rebranding at the Irish Farewells, we hope a few fans stay for fireworks….plus a tip of proper etiquette for the night.

The Irish Goodbye is a term used for someone who leaves a party without saying goodbye to anyone. You may have also heard an Irish Exit, French Exit or Dutch Leave.  (from An Indigo Day Blog)

The Ferry Hawks are rebranding to the Irish Goodbyes for a game in a playful nod to the silent exit expression to celebrate Irish Heritage Night.

So in this large group setting fans might just leave without saying goodbye to the Host… and I hope the Ferry Hawks in-game Host has been prepped to know the rules.

This blog notes the proper etiquette for the Irish Farewell.  I assume the team will post the Host’s cell phone so fans can give them a quick text to thank them. 😆


I like to text the host when I leave saying “hey thanks for having me had a great time, got home safe!” See, you care! Depending on your relationship with the host, give them a call the next day to say thanks for having you and what a great party they threw.

It’s nice to get a call. And as someone who has hosted parties, I actually prefer that over someone stopping me mid convo to say goodbye. (An Indigo Day Blog)

I just wonder if anyone will stay for the fireworks….

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