Inflatable Musical Chairs

Inflatable musical chairs is a game ops and mascot staple. Read more in the promotional spotlight.

Sometimes you don’t need to recreate the wheel to entertain your fans. This spotlight is simple and effective….and inexpensive.

These inflated chairs have two significant improvements over the folding chair variety.

1. Scale – These chairs are simply bigger and funnier looking. The majority of your fans are 100 feet or more from the action of this contest, and these chairs make all the action bigger.
2. Softer – Inflatable chairs are much more forgiving for your fans or mascots to jump around on. This allows the contestants to be a little more active and animated when they hustle for the last seat.

[volusion link=”IN-Cha36″ target=”blank”]Inflatable Chairs in The Store[/volusion]

This is a great promotion to have in your inventory, also for a few reasons.

  • It’s inexpensive. A time out can use as few as 4 chairs or a short half-time can be done with 10-12 chairs.
  • This promotion packs up small when not inflated.
  • Flexibility. Perfect for a time out, inning break or intermission break. It can also be stretched into a half-time for basketball in a pinch.

In his Interview, David Frost talks about the importance of rotating promotions and contests. Adding a simple and effective promotion option like inflatable musical chairs seems to fit that philosophy well.

Keyote_Frederick Keys mascot__05222008_03

Here is an interesting version of the promotion at a Fort Wayne Komets game with several blogger fans. offers inflatable chairs on The Store at

And this is such an easy mascot skit to have on hand, here’s an example of some quick fun with Harry the Hawk.

Playing musical chairs 🎶 Me: I’m not competitive… Also me:

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