Icing on the Cake

Day 2 of our look at promotions from Toledo and Detroit continues as we feel our way thru a cleverly constructed promotion from the Walleye.

Last Weekend I make a trip to Toledo and Detroit, catching the Walleye, Pistons and Red Wings.  With these strong productions fresh in my mind I will feature Water Cooler Moments from these teams this week.

Monday we shared a post about the Toledo Walleye Wedding [Fishy Nuptials] highlighting the fun they had marrying two fans at intermission.

The fun didn’t stop there.  Later in the game they had a LIVE edition of “What’s in the Box”, which is popular video content showing people blindly reaching into a box to try to identify something by touch.

What made this “What’s in the Box” so thoughtful was that it was connected to the wedding.  Inside they had a piece of “wedding cake” as a call back to the intermission moment.  Really great touch by the Walleye.


Also the attention to detail is constant with great teams like the Walleye.  This wasn’t a beat-up cardboard box prop…this was a painted wood box created for the promotion and that kept the focus on the show and the contest.

Water Coolers from Toledo/Detroit Road Trip continue all week:

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