I Got a Golden Ticket!

Make sure your fans understand the genius of your next promotion.

As someone who constantly researches promotions, I know first hand that a good promotion makes sense.

Not to you. Not to your staff. But to Joe Fan who’s scanning your calendar for that promotional nudge that will put them over the edge and make them buy a ticket.

When I see Star Wars Night or Thirsty Thursday….I get it.

When I see “Players Weekend” or “Zombie Night”, I might not without any details.  (I am being nice, I totally don’t get it.)

So when the Loons planed Dollar Dog Night, I get it…but the details in this simple tweet take me from “Cheap Hot Dogs” to “Sweet Prizes wrapped around my Cheap Hot Dog”.  It doesn’t take much, but when you take the time to plan a great promotion, take the time to TELL fans all about the great promotion.

And if you think this can’t be you underselling your clever promotions, ask some fans to tell you about the promotions on your pocket schedule to make sure.  😉

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