Huddle 2.0 – Unmasked

Mascots performer identities are a well-kept secret. Teams mask the masked to enhance the illusion that their furry character is just a costumed performer. Recently on the Party in the Back podcast Indianapolis Colts Mascot Trey Mock poked at this long-standard practice. “Why are we doing this? Has the time come in the age of instant information to move past this? And while we are asking, why can’t they talk?”

This Huddle call is a one hour panel discussion designed to help reimagine your mascot program to make sure it suits your needs and doesn't just obey outdated standards.  

An amazing top-level panel discusses the pros and cons of the mascot rulebook, including the original Phanatic Dave Raymond, Bulls Executive Director Michelle McComas, Colts mascot Trey Mock, long-time Spurs mascot Rob Wicall and more.

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