2-Star review leads to 5-Star Promotion

Epic search for 2-star Google reviewer leads to promising promotion.

Instant Classic Promo for this Day 4 in our week series feature from the Charleston Riverdogs.

When a woman posted a 2-star review of your team on Google based only on driving by the stadium, most teams would just laugh it off or be upset she’s wrecking your average.  The RiverDogs instead set out on a mission for find this reviewer, Helen McGuckin, and convincer her to raise her rating.

First of all Helen’s unique name is comedy blessing for the team….and second, I CAN NOT WAIT to see what the team has in store for her if they find her.

This eye-catching fun has the chance to bust (as any great wacky unique idea does)….for example, what if they never find her or she won’t play along?  But hop in for the ride as we watch this play out.  Ben Hill from MILB already named this one of 10 Promotions to keep an eye on in 2019

Helen McGuckin Night (July 9): In May 2018, the RiverDogs received the following Google Review: “Just drove by, 2 out of 5 stars.” The author, Helen McGuckin, is a Level 7 local guide on Google. The Charleston club has worked tirelessly since then to track down Helen in the hopes of a second chance. Helen, we hope this message reaches you and we promise an unforgettable night at the ballpark that we hope ends with a new review: “5/5 would do again.”

Stay tuned all week as we look how the team is making fun:

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