Live Events are Hard

Live Events are hard…

It’s a live event.

Anything can happen.

Which also means anything can go wrong.

This just shows live events are hard.

Like this recent miscue in Miami:


Shwotime baby 🔥 #funny #comedy #miami #heat #basketball #fans

♬ original sound – bleacherreport


This won’t be the last time a sign is flipped, a cord unplugged or a battery died… but as a game operations professional you just keep finding ways to improve and shine through it all.

If there was a silver lining for this it is that Browns fans can finally side step being the example of a game ops glitch. (see below)

And for clarity, I am certainly not poking fun at either team or their fans.  This just shows live events are hard. Events are unpredictable with 1,000 things that can go wrong, even with the best laid plans.  Be ready fix them in the moment of be able to laugh when you can’t.

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