You Miss All the Shots You Don’t Take

Some fans want a drink spilled on them. They want the mascot to fling a birthday cake their way. They wore their favorite shirt just so I might get ruined. Philly has just the ticket.

It’s a gritty Friday and here’s Gritty to remind you to shoot your shot regardless of how improbable it may seem.

Here’s Gritty living his best life in the Chaos Corner.

Gritty’s Chaos Corner at the Wells Fargo Center!

Secure your tickets now in the all new Gritty Chaos Corner this season. Fans who purchase tickets in Gritty’s Chaos Corner will have a front-row seat to Gritty’s infamous skits and silly shenanigans.

Gritty Chaos Corner will permanently live at Section 122 where it will serve as Gritty’s main stage to interact with fans, enhance the atmosphere of the New Wells Fargo Center, and cheer on the Orange and the Black. Fans in the Gritty Chaos Corner “Splash Zone” should keep their heads on a swivel as Gritty has many tricks up his sleeve including, but not limited to, silly string attacks, popcorn showers, caking wars and more.

That’s right. People pay extra to have a chance to spend some time in his world.

Pay. Extra.

Gritty for the win.  Every time.

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