Making Sense of a Green Bull

Benny’s hue-shift gets a clever make-over.

Last week we gave Benny some love for always spending the extra time making BIG props to capture the moment.  Just as that was posted this Benny post caught my eye.

So point of personal privilege:  I have long strongly disliked mascot color changes. For example, NBA mascots whose furn turns white because the team goes with and “WHITE HOT” marketing slogan for the playoffs. Sure its cute and “all-in”, but it also highlights the mascot is nothing more than a costume prop. To me it cheapens the character and reminds fans its just a guy in a costume. [also see my next blog about my nightmares of laundering a white costume.]

Benny has been doing color changes for a while now, primarily with Saint Patrick’s Day. This year I went from jeers to cheers.  Benny found a clever way to explain his one day hue shift.

Dying the Chicago River green is a tradition in Chicago in March along with green beer and corned beef. It was put off last year due to the Corona Virus and expected to be skipped again in 2021, until a last minute reversal from Mayor Lightfoot.

Benny tweeted he’d “swim in the river” for 100 RT (which is nothing for the social media powerhouse)…. and thus HE TURNED GREEN following the swim.

  • Chicago tradition
  • Playful and funny
  • Social Media trigger
  • ….and it finally makes sense!

Bravo Benny.

I asked Benny’s spokesman and he noted Benny has said this before (the he’s going swimming) but not this publicly in a tweet.  He also noted he’s plotting to connect further to the Chicago tradition next year….the mark of a pro who is never satisfied.

Now Benny just has to explain away Blue Benny and Hot Pink Benny to really earn my love.

Update from 2022:

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