Driving Home a Tradition in A-Town

ATL United Tradition building includes a celebrity, one winner and a ceremony for the masses.

The ATL United have a great pre-game tradition involving celebrity, fans one select winner.

90 minutes before Atlanta United take the field, the players arrive at Mercedes-Benz Stadium to sign the Golden Spike, followed by the club’s faithful fans and supporters (All are invited to sign it). Then, just minutes before the players walk out for kickoff, a select number of Atlanta United supporters march and carry the Golden Spike through the supporters section and to the platform fronting it. Join the supporters, join the movement, this is a relic signed by all, as a symbol of unity and strength.

The Golden Spike is then hammered into the railroad platform by a chosen ATLien with the stadium chanting…. A-T-L with every strike, a sound ringing true to our hearts.

After the final whistle, a smaller Golden Spike is awarded to a player, an honor voted on by the fans (via Twitter). In addition, he is also given one to keep as reminder of his performance, and the experience with the fans that he can cherish forever.

Be early, stay late, and be part of a culture driven by tradition and rooted in the ATL.  

Great example of a tradition with elements that engage some celebrity opportunity, a bonding ceremony for fans and one with a winner (and social media component).  A well thought-out creative solution for their pre-game.

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