Glimpse of the Future in San Fran

Taking the court away for a year may end up being blessing, causing teams to create and reimagine dance production.

We have talked a lot both how dance teams can overcome the pandemic limitations and what will stick post-pandemic in game operations.

Today at the Water Cooler we have an excellent example of both.

This video of the Warriors Dance team is just fantastic.  High-end production, great setting, dynamic action, and excellent dance.  It takes in-game dancing to another level. This is a clear step UP in how dance teams are presented, not a sideways make-good step during the pandemic.

Many teams have been using video versions of their dance teams to play on the scoreboard while the dancers are no allowed on the court. Most are shot on the court on dark days and played in-game.  This one goes even further. Shot outside around the building, making it an eye-popping display of their team and arena. The little touches like the arena-side video wall displaying the dance team logo is a great touch.

In an up-coming High Five article on the Detroit Pistons we talked about showing smaller groups of dancers for variety.  This provides a contrast to the standard set of all the dancers and introduces a fresh look. This GS Warriors video showcases how effective that can be with the smaller groups of 3 or 4 dancers.

All of this is great for the pandemic setting with no access to the court. Perhaps more interestingly, this could be the model for post-pandemic dance production.

Imagine this spectacular level of video production at the start of a time out, leading to a full-team production ending on the court. It feels like the next generation of NBA dance production, marrying high-level video production, the giant HD displays and live dance.

Taking the court away for a year may end up being blessing, causing teams to create and reimagine dance production… ending with spectacular results.


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